Syringe Filter

We have a comprehensive range of disposable syringe filters with luer connections. Syringe filters are available sterile and non-sterile, in different sizes and materials. At MeticLab, you can get a number of cost-effective, fast yet chemically stable, syringe filter options.

Main Feature:

  • High stability to organic media
  • Wide Configurations Available
  • Fastest Flow Rate
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Sterilization By Gamma Irradiation

Types Of Syringe Filter:

Discover How We Make It

Our syringe filter is assembled out of the best-grade filter paper and housing material that increase the life of the products. Being a leading filter manufacturer in China, we produce in bulk and we have modern warehouse operation that ensures safe and organized storage of both raw and finished goods. The strict work process and inspection are fully guaranteed.

  • Manufacturing
  • Syringe Filter

    Raw Material Cutting

  • Membrane Module

    Membrane Module

  • Specification & Logo Printing

    Specification & Logo Printing

  • Hot Welding Sealing

    Hot Welding Sealing

  • s02 img 5

    Purified Storage

  • Inspection
  • Bubble Point Test

    Bubble Point Test

  • Flow Rate Test

    Flow Rate Test

  • Filter Area

    Filter Area

Custom-made As You Wish

  • Our syringe filtration represents the easiest and fastest method for small scale, precision solution filtration prior to column chromatography. Each unit is marked to identify the pore size, like 0.22μm and 0.45μm.

  • We cooperate with the world-class membrane filter suppliers that ensure consistent quality. You can freely choose diverse brands: Pall Corporation, Millipore, Membrana, GVS Filtration Inc.

  • For your convenience, we also provide more than 17 different types of material to fit your applications, and you can get free samples to test before you buy in bulk.

  • Furthermore, all filter inlets are female luer-compatible, with inert polypropylene housing and come in three generic diameters or others

  • S03 img 13mm 13mm
  • S03 img 25mm 25mm
  • S03 img 33mm 33mm
  • Make Your Customization

The Following Materials Guide For Your Reference

Cellulose Acetate (CA)

Cellulose acetate is a binding membrane that is very low on protein, and is suitable for water-based samples and biological samples.


Nylon membrane has high mechanical strength and chemical stability. It is often applied to HPLC samples. Pre-wetting not required.

Polyethersulphone (PES)

Polyethersulphone is more heat resistant than most membranes, and can be used with liquids that have a temperature of up to 100°C.

Mixed Cellulose(MCE)

MCE is a hydrophilic membrane that features higher protein binding than cellulose acetate.


PTFE membranes feature low extractability and require pre-wetting prior to use with aqueous solvents.

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