Excellent For Sample Extraction, Concentration, CleanupExtraction, Concentration, Cleanup

We are devoted to offering an array of quality SPE Cartridges which precisely fit the needs and requirements of our customers. Our offered products are manufactured in compliance with the industry norms and tested to ensure their flawlessness.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a fast and efficient sample preparation technique. We continuously invest effort to improve the SPE cartridge, extend a chromatographic system’s lifetime, and improve qualitative and quantitative analysis. Solvent use is reduced and your lab time will be saved too.

A Range Of Custom Packing Types In Material & Size

A wide variety of chemistries, adsorbents, and sizes are available. Selecting the most suitable sample and product for each application is crucial. We mainly offer three basic packing types: for normal phase, reverse phase, and the ion exchange extraction.





Adsorptive material:




Bed Weight:


The Biggest Advantage Of The SPE Lies In The Purity Of The Extracts

Our SPE columns are packed with high purity and sorbents with even distribution, which ensure the stability and reproducibility, so that a huge efficiency sample preparation process is guaranteed for you to use.

  • Lower consumption of solvents
  • Lower cost per sample
  • Faster – saving enormous amount of time
  • High consistency in sample handling
  • More specific selectivity

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