Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

MeticLab Multi-Branch Manifold is particularly developed for microbiological tests in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and biotech industry. Manufactured for flexibility and ease-of-use, the filtration manifold system can be combined with two different funnel options, like the all-glass funnel and SS316L funnel.

The manifold vacuum filtration is designed to filter several samples at the same time using a vacuum filtration pump, which makes it a more convenient and economical alternative than its single-funnel counterparts.

Main Feature:

  • Quick-assembly and disassembly for cleaning and autoclaving
  • Alternative funnel adaptor for any volume
  • Individual SS316 control valve

Types Of Manifolds Vacuum Filtration:

Stainless Steel Funnel

The stainless steel manifold for 3 or 6 filtration units is fitted with stainless steel units.

Glass Funnel

Our single-solvent filtration system features high sensitivity and patented design.

All Glass Holder

We have various types of glass holders that are all made of high-quality extra hard glass. It is sparking and crystal-clear. And its size is keeping with the international standard. With many quality testing, we ensure strict seal without leakage.

The apparatus can be used for sterilization at high temperature and high pressure, and mainly used in the filtration of HPLC mobile phase. We intensify the function of its outgassing, which guarantee the clean of mobile phase and avoid the blockage of HPLC liquid flow path.

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